Michelle Dong

Features Writer at Soompi, covering Korean and Chinese dramas. Writer at College Candy and COED Magazines in New York. 
Contributed to the Global Chinese Press, The Georgia Straight, JPC (London, UK). Developed marketing campaign for Mitsubishi Motors.. 
Currently working on her first book: Two Questions Every Girl is Asking Herself                            Come say Hi! @MichelleDongNYC

mitsubishi motors ad campaign

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The ad engenders an interactive element by challenging viewers to submit their best comeback.

This will increase website traffic (where test drive sign-up forms are prominently displayed). Viewers can send in their “comeback” by text, or record their voices over the muted section of the video and post it on their blogs or social networking profile. Those who are voted to have the best “comebacks” can win an iPad along with a very chic Mitsubishi iPad cover.

This ad strongly associates Mitsubishi with athleticism, reliability, and durability, key messages from the client brief.

i) The driver - he is athletic, as indicated by his muscular body and racing gear. He is also a reliable

friend, picking up a stranded friend in the wee hours of the morning.

ii) The car - We further increased salience of the car’s reliability by juxtaposing the Mitsubishi vehicle against competitor’s engine breakdown. Durability is reinforced through the connection to rally racing. The rally to Evo transformation is intended to be reminiscent of the Mitsubishi Outlander ad, where the Outlander rushes from the desert into a car showroom, splashes mud on the wall, and morphs into a pristine Outlander.

The “Rally Racer in You” video denotes that all the power and performance from the rally races are transformed into a regular non-rally Mitsubishi vehicle. The driving occasion may be different, but the pleasure remains.


Won Canada's Next Top 10 Ad Exec's - marketing competition open to 160,000 undergraduates and MBA's across the country

4am  Bedroom

A man sleeps in darkness under his blankets. His face hidden. The phone rings.

He picks up the phone, listens for a few seconds, and answers in a deep, sexy voice:

“I’ll be there.”

(007/Mission Impossible/rally racing music playing in the background)

He puts on his red racing suit, gloves, and helmet in the dark. 

Viewer catches a glimpse of his muscular back and arms. He walks to the driveway and gets into a Mitsubishi rally car.

(Music pumps up)

He speeds through rough terrain and city roads, taking sharp turns. The sounds of engine and

screeching tires dominate the scene.

The car comes to a sharp stop on Highway 1, next to a stranded vehicle of unknown brand.

Mud and decals are splashed away, a gleaming Evo is revealed. 

The music stops.

The athletic Mitsubishi driver gets out of the car in jeans and t-shirt. His face now revealed.

He looks at the friend whose car broke down on the highway and says coolly:

“I told you to get a Mitsubishi.”

His friend reacts but his voice is muted.


Give us your best comeback at www.mitsubishi-motors.ca.